Sunday, May 9, 2010

Horse, Part 2 (Mother's Day Edition)

This passage by the master Guy Vanderhaeghe, from The Last Crossing, has special resonance today. The rich imagery is both a literal description of surviving a storm in the wild wedged inside a dead horse, and a metaphorical one longing for a return to the safety of the womb. I urge you all to share it with your mother this morning (and perhaps every morning because, really, shouldn't every day be mother's day?) to show your appreciation for the time you spent inside of her and the sacrifices she has made on your behalf. I recommend reading it in a loud clear voice just before brunch is served, while clearly fighting to keep your emotions in check.

"O precious Side-hole's cavity
I want to spend my life in thee...
There in one Side-hole's joy divine,
I'll spend all future days of mine.
Yes, yes, I will for ever sit
There, where thy side was split."

Happy Mother's Day!

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